Emergency Stand-By Generators for Residential and Commercial Use


  • Uninterrupted Electrical Power -  automatically detects a power outage and restores power within seconds
  • Provides electricity to the entire house, or just to specific circuits
  • Stores in a shed, garage, or outbuilding
  • Automatically shuts off when power is restored


Protect your home or business from Power Outages With Portable and Automatic Stand-By Generators installed by Montgomery Electric.

Are you getting TIRED of POWER OUTAGES? Then it’s time to do something about it. Don’t just sit there in the cold  and wait for the power to return. Montgomery Electric can set up and install a generator that will deliver electric power to your home, cabin, or beach house whenever there is a power failure.  The forecast for this winter season calls for more snow, freezing rain, and ice storms, which can only mean one thing: you are going to lose power this winter.  The investment in a portable generator or a standby residential generator can save you the expense of costly repairs due to frozen pipes and keep you from enduring the power outage in an ice cold house. 

Don't sweat it when thunderstorms knock out your power and A/C. Don't be left out in the cold when ice storms take down power lines, leaving you without power or heat for perhaps several days. Control your power. Control your life!

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  • Economical Solution
  • Right-sized to any home or business
  • Stores in a shed, garage, or outbuilding
  • Supplies electricity for critical power needs